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Decorate your own one of a kind handmade plate

Kit includes: Your pick from #1 , purchased colors from #2, set of paint brushes and clear working mat 

1. Choose your project | $40* each

A. Snack plates | set of 4 round plates measuring 4.25 inch diameter

B. Lunch plates | 2 plates in varying shapes measuring at least 7 inches in one direction

C. Platter | 1 platter in a varying shape measuring at least 9 inches in one direction

D. Reach out for a custom number or size 


2. Choose colors 1 oz  | at least 3 are suggested | $2.00* for each color 

     - 2 brushes included 

      - Extra brushes available | $1.00 for a pair




3. Delivery within 2 weeks of paid order - 5 miles radius of West Chester

     Beyond 5 miles? – let's talk, we can arrange a meeting point


4. When you are finished get in contact to arrange pick up or meet up.

       - you are welcome to keep the brushes and working mat but I will gladly take them back if you do not wish to keep them.

       - please recycle your glaze containers

5. Your plate(s) will get a clear coat and fired again.

6. Your finished ready to use food safe plate will be returned to you.  

       - delivery and pick up to be arranged 

       - please allow 2-3 weeks 


  1. Only use colors purchased from Clay Rocket Studio (they are glazes that can withstand the high temperatures of the kiln)

  2. Do not paint on the bottom of the plates (All color on the bottom of the plates will be washed off)

    3. Both colors and clear topcoat glazes are certified AP Non-Toxic, Food Safe and Dinnerware Safe

    4. Things happen, stuff breaks. If it is on your end or mine we can work it out. 

*plus tax

snack plates.jpg
lunch plates.jpg
color strip.jpg
platter .jpg

Thanks for submitting!

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